MI key art

Mission Impossible: Dead Reckoning - Part One


Blind Ltd


Animation, Additional Design

Production Studio

Paramount Pictures

Worked together with the brilliant team at BLIND to create FUI animations for the 7th entry in the profilic action franchise Mission Impossible.

My responsibility was mainly the visual development and animation of Ethan Hunt's IMF glasses during the cat-and-mouse chase in the airport sequence. I worked closely with BLIND and director Christopher McQuarrie making sure that the FUI told the story of the scene in the clearest way possible.

grace UI 01
key UI 01
laptop UI 01
grace UI 02
grace UI 03
key UI 02
laptop UI 02

Full credits

Post Computer Graphics


Computer Graphics Supervisor

Andrew Booth

Computer Graphics Producer

Helen Baker

Creative Supervisor

Simon Staines

Visual Effects Post Production Supervisor

Mark Rodway

Computer Graphics Sequence Supervisors

Mungo Horey, Luis Ribeiro, Shaun Yue

Computer Graphics Motion Designers

Jonas Elsgaard, Martin Aggerholm, Ryan Anthony Ward, Cagdas Duman, Roger Chiaw, Miles Corless, Yugen Blake, Simon Russel, Grant Henderson, Edwina Joel, Mantas Grigaitis, Charlie Middleton